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CodeMakersUSA is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit, that supports STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education and youth empowerment in low-income communities in developing countries.  

Donations to CodeMakersUSA have less than 1% overhead and your donation will directly support programs of our grantees.

Funds donated to CodeMakersUSA are administered through contracts and grants to organizations that support and deliver results for CodeMakersUSA's goals in low-income communities.  

CodeMakersUSA has partnered with a South African non-profit organization, CodeMakers NPC, dedicated to delivering the same goals and outcomes. 


Your donation has recognizable impacts and provides much needed resources to help drive STEAM education in communities that are under-served.  To see the work of our grantee and how your donations are effective, please visit: and

Your tax-deductible donation gives students in low-resources schools acccess to technology, skills, and confidence that will help them throughout their lives.

Through the work of CodeMakers in South Africa, students who had never used a computer now make animations, games, and tell stories while building skills in problem solving, analytical thinking, and design.

Visit CodeMakers to learn more about this and other programs. 

Interested in assisting us or our grantees with you ideas, expertise, or connections? We're a young organization and keen to have additional help.

Please contact us at

CodeMakersUSA's mission is to adddress disparity in science and technology education among low-resource schools in developing countries. 


STEAM learning and thinking drives economies and job creation. We want to narrow the gap in STEAM education, providing organizations with resources they can use to inspire and skill students to improve their understanding of science and technology and help their students become creators of knowledge. 

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